Monday, June 26, 2006

Are Aliens Really Among Us?

(I posted this on my Deidreknight blog, but wanted to put it here, too, because it's so freaky and yet so appropriate)

Tell me: What do YOU think? I was asked that question a lot during my interviews for Parallel Attraction, and the truth is that—crazy as I may sound—I do think aliens are probably real. It’s part of what fascinates me about them, enough so that I chose to write a series about the possibility of aliens living all among us.

My husband has written a number of science books, and one of the things he pointed out to me back about five years ago—and which was part of what inspired PA—was that the periodic table throughout the universe would be largely the same. From that, his own personal theory is that aliens wouldn’t look all that different from us. Well, maybe somewhat, but in the ways that matter, just like us. So… I came up with the Parallel series, but I forgot to research one critical matter. I invented Mirror Lake in the middle of Yellowstone because I thought about how pure and beautiful the lakes there are. Only last week did I discover my huge flub—there really is a Mirror Lake in Wyoming! Duh. Not only in Wyoming, but in Yellowstone to boot.

Even creepier and weirder? Some, uh, ufologist has come up with a conspiracy based around Lewis and Clark, Yellowstone, and… yes, Mirror Lake. Check this out:

Is this not the WEIRDEST thing ever??? I promise: I really did not ever check that there was a Mirror Lake in Yellowstone (and in fact the pictures I looked up don’t even resemble my fictional Mirror Lake.)

I need to know what you guys make of this and if you’re not seriously weirded out like I am.

By the way, the picture above is of the road to ufologically important Groom Lake.

Monday, June 19, 2006

A Big Fat Oy!

All right, so no sooner than I really got the parallel message board jamming along last month, than it CRASHED during the server move. But there is happy news at last--the board is back up! So please run--no walking, mind you--over to that message board and help energize it with life and madness.

It feels so still and stagnant now that my poor heart can hardly stand it. We can even give this thing a paranormal twist--I need life breathers! People who can re-animate my almost dead message board! Head over! Just go to and click message board!


Thea Haven--An Opinion Poll

So, I've been fascinated to hear from a few people that they didn't come away from PA finding Thea a sympathetic character. This really shocks me, and I thought I'd toss this question out into the Parallel Realm here:
--Did you come away liking or disliking Thea?
--For either answer, what was your reasoning?

To me, Thea is a classic emotional antagonist in PA--but we get to see her grow, too. Without spoiling anything about the book, I really worked to turn her from that unsympathetic character so that by the end, you'd really *feel* for her.

Anyway, just curious. Thoughts on Thea? :) D

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Perfect Alien

Okay, so this is an oldie but goodie from my treasure trove of hotties. I still love the Wallflowers, but haven't gone looking for Jakob Dylan pictures in a long, long time. Now just have to preface--Jakey isn't a candidate for some 6 foot 6 alpha hero. What he looks like to me is some sort of Renaissance painting of an angel. A very, very naughty angel. Or an alien--which was actually my very first thought the first time I saw him on MTV. I was on the treadmill, glanced up and thought, "Wow! He could be one of those aliens I'm always making up stories about." I mean, look at the guy. He is absolutely hot, but he's also...odd looking. Haunting or haunted. But he certainly wins a spot here on my Parallel blog simply by being Most Likely to Resemble an Alien. Don't you think? :)

The Whole World at Your...Fingertips?

All right, this is a bit of an untoward post, I'll admit it straight up. That's why it's on my lesser trafficked blog, for that precise reason.

So everyone knows I have my blackberry, and my great love affair with this electronic device. Well, for those who don't have one, you've got to realize that spam still shows up, and without any kind of filter, you just have to wade your way through what you'd automatically delete in Outlook.

Anyway, Judson and I were driving along last week and I got a penis enlargement spam. It said, "You'll have the whole world on the end of your penis."
Um, really? I turned to Jud and asked, "Is this like HORTON HEARS A WHO--the porno version? I mean, are there secret tiny people on the end of your you-know-what if you use this product?"

I had this vision of some guy, using the product, about to penetrate his gal and this tiny chorus of, "We are here! We are here! We are here!" bursting through and the panting and moaning.

So, had to share.

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