Saturday, October 07, 2006

An Amazing Journey in Houston

I have had such a great conference here in Houston (Lone Star Conference.) First of all, what very sweet and talented writers are based here! I had a ton of pitch appointments today, and the level of talent was quite high. I've requested a number of projects, including completes of a few.

I'm also amazingly excited because my client Don Piper (author of 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN) lives here in Houston. Well, he was in Atlanta while I was in Houston (Grrr), but I just learned a while ago that he got back this afternoon and is speaking in the morning at a local church. So Julie Ramsey and I will have the opportunity to hear him speak--something I've never been able to do despite representing him for several years and being one of his biggest fans. After, we get to take him to lunch. Don will be on The Today Show in a few more weeks during a week about various faiths. Tomorrow's speaking engagement promises to be incredible.

Greetings from Houston. Just had to share! On top of that, we have had a wonderful rental car--a convertible VW bug! I've posted the picture.


Blogger Adelle said...

It sounds like you had a blast and got to drive around in my dream car. I am totally green with envy.
How exciting to be on the Today Show, it must be a surreal feeling I would think.

5:14 AM  

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