Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So Much to Cover...SO Little Time!

I've got a lot to share here, and only a minute, so prepare for rapid fire mode. First, Michelle, I posted back to you on the previous entry re: Ken Watanabe and your wonderful plug for PA. Also, I am looking for friends to join me in a big three day event, which you may have read about on my other blogs, the Breast Cancer 3-day. Here's the deal, we are building a team of 50 who want to walk with us. I mean, this will be a blast, ladies! I've already got someone coming in from Florida, Kristen Painter, there will be several of us from TKA, myself included. Imagine walking for three days and how much LAUGHING and TALKING we can do. I would really love to have some of my blog regulars join me. There's a discounted airfare too. I'm so psyched about this--in fact, I just walked a mile and a half in BOILING 103 degree heat. That's how committed and excited I am, that I'm training for this every day. And if you guys knew how out of shape I am, you'd get the full picture.

Anyway, just throwing this out to you. You can join as a team member by following this link to my page, then hitting the team page. Or you can sponsor me b/c I have to raise 2200 dollars by late October. Check it out:

This is my personal page. Email me if you have questions!

Also, by the way, my client Diana Peterfreund's much anticipated SECRET SOCIETY GIRL hits shelves today, and I can't stress enough what a wonderful book this is. It was sold in a six-way auction, so clearly a LOT of people thought it was awesome. :)

And, for now, I think that's it. I'm tossing up a couple of Nathan Kamp pics I found.



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