Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And Another Thing that I Need to Share... that it's almost exactly two months until my next book comes out!! Freaky! Almsot as freaky as realizing that PARALLEL SEDUCTION is already up on all the Amazons around the world! But seriously, for those of you waiting anxiously on PARALLEL HEAT, now could very well be a GOOD time to order that puppy. I mean, what if on October 3rd Amazon or melt down? Or what if Borders (I love that store!!!) somehow sells out--nationwide. You might just want to secure that purchase TODAY. And now you can tell how truly punchy RWA tiredness has left me. I guess that's what happens when you get 4-5 hours of sleep every night in a row while working 14-15 hour days and then come home and immediately place your mom hat on.

Today was first day of school for my angels. Everything went very smoothly, and as sad as it made me when Riley asked me earlier, "Mama, can I watch STAR WARS in the morning?" (and I realized that now, upon entering Pre-K she has her first brush with lost freedom. Yes, that sounds bleak, but it was this microcosm of what adulthood is like. Until now, she's always been able to do--basically--what she wants in the morning. But she was quite grown up, returned the DVD to the shelf and asked me, "Can I watch it in the afternoon?" Good girl!

Same girl, btw, who told me the other day, "Does Dark Vader wear underwear just like me?" (We were watching RETURN OF THE JEDI, my fave in the SW franchise to this day...they even toned down the hokey ewok music on the newest DVD.) Also, upon seeing her post-RWA she declared that her doll was named Australia, her bear was La Pink, and I am now named, "Tuesday." I think that's a pretty hip super hero agent and writer name. "Call me Tuesday."

Let's toss down a few more RWA pics! Actually, just one, which is at the top. That's Diva Woman Kristen Painter with our fabulous TKA agent, Elaine Spencer. Perhaps I should call her Friday?


Blogger Mel Francis said...

Oh Kristen Painter. She defines Diva. Romance Diva, that is.

What a babe.

And she apparently really likes my hair...and so now she's on my list of all time favorite people...

5:59 AM  
Blogger Mel Francis said...

and I forgot to add...that can't possibly be Elaine Spencer...she's not gazing into the universe, dreaming of becoming a mover and a shaker. *snort*

6:11 AM  
Blogger Kristen Painter said...

Mel's just posting to get more shots of her hair online.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Crystal Jordan said...

That's a fab picture of Kristen. She's so photogenic (and nice and tall AND BLONDE) you almost have to hate her. Almost.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Christina said...

Yay for the Romance Diva's, and great pic of Kristen, even if she thinks she looks sleepy. PLLLEEEASE, tall, blonde, gorgeous women, but you can't be mad at her, becuase she is so damn nice LOL!

12:34 PM  

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