Monday, May 08, 2006

Welcome to my new blog! Yes, like I really *need* another blog, right? I thought it would be cool to start a site that was simply about the PARALLEL books. In other words, I start to feel tacky after a while just blogging, "Look! Here is this interview with me!" and that kind of thing. More than that, as new readers keep coming on board with the series, I find that a blog dedicated just to the series could be useful. We can post spoilers here, or beefcake pics of guys we think MIGHT look like Jared or Marco or whatever. In the end, I have come to think of my blogs as each having a very particular identity. There's my agency blog, which is mostly business. There's my Deidre blog, which slightly morphs my author/agent life. I think this blog can serve the purpose of being ALL Parallel series, all the time. :)

Now let's see if I can get my readers and fans to start dropping by! :)

Meanwhile, here's a link to an interview with me. In fact, maybe the sidebars here will be various interviews?

Ideas anyone? Everyone? What would you like to see about the series here?
Big hugs, Deidre


Blogger Joseph said...

I haven't read the series as yet, but I might since it's in a similar vein to some that I read. However, I wanted to thank you for naming your lead male character Jared Bennett. It also happens to be my best friend's name and has produced an endless wellspring of ways in which I can aggravate him. :) I implied that your name was a pseudonym he was writing under. :) I meant it jokingly of course, I highly value anyones talent who can compile a whole book and get it published. Congrats by the way on your latest publications.

8:03 AM  

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